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                                            Counselors' Corner
The mission of the DeKalb County School Counseling program is to facilitate the development of student competencies in the
academic, social/personal, and career domains (learning to learn, learning to live, learning to work) in order to become
contributing citizens through a world class education system.
At Miller Grove Middle School, our program is aligned with the DeKalb County School System’s Strategic Plan.
At the middle school level we will focus on the rapidly changing needs of our young adolescent students. We will be
sensitive of the struggles of middle school students for identity as they balance the demands for academic, career, and
social competence. We will promote and assist in activities that provide positive self-esteem experiences for our students.
We will develop education/career plans for our students in the 6th through the 8th grades.
Our department coordinates the mentoring program, peer helpers, Red Ribbon Week, student of the month,
Ladies of Miller Grove, parent chats, high school advisement, work permits, social work concerns, Student Support Team,
career cruising, and other programs.
We look forward to delivering classroom guidance lessons to all of our students. We will not only work in small groups with
our students, but we will also work with students on an individual basis as they are referred by teachers, parents, and



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